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Student Handbook

Welcome to Upland Elementary School

The staff welcomes you to Upland Elementary School and looks forward to assisting you with your educational goals during this school year.  Students at Upland Elementary work hard toward high achievement by being actively involved in their classrooms and school activities.  All of our students help make Upland Elementary School a great workplace.  We look forward to working with you and your family to make this a safe, happy, and productive school year.


School Hours

Transitional Kindergarten

7:50 - 11:45 am
Kindergarten 7:50 am - 12:55 pm
Grades 1st - 6th 7:50 am - 2:05 pm


Every Wednesday is Early Release Schedule Day

Transitional Kindergarten 7:50 - 11:45 am
Kindergarten 7:50 am - 12:55 pm
1st - 6th Grade 7:50 am - 12:55 pm


Students should not arrive at school before 7:30 A.M. unless they are eating breakfast in the cafeteria.

Breakfast is served from 7:20 A.M. until 7:40 A.M. each day. 



The California State Education Code requires school attendance for minors.  We would like to remind you that success at school is contingent upon regular attendance. If your child needs to be away from school for a short period of time (dental/doctor appointments) or for a day or more (illness, family emergency), it is important that you notify the school by going to our school website and clicking on the Report an Absence link or by calling the Attendance Line at (909) 949-7806 or by sending a note on the day your child returns.

Directions for using the “Report an Absence” link on the school website:
2. Click “Report an Absence” -located on the left-hand side of the menu.
3. Fill in the form and click “submit”


Directions for using the school attendance phone line to report an absence:       

1. Dial (909) 949-7806 (24 Hour Service)

2. After the recorded message and beep, please leave

(1) your name

(2) the student's name

(3) reason for the absence

(4) date of the absence

Messages are retrieved daily by the school.


Emergency: Change of Address or Phone Number

In cases of emergency, the school needs to contact parents.  Please notify the school secretary of any changes in your place of residence, your home, cell, and/or business phone number.  Please fill out the Emergency Information Card with phone numbers where you, a friend, or family member can be reached.


Doctor and Dental Appointments

Please schedule appointments after school.  Parents are required to check out students in the front office for appointments. If a student has more than three early sign-outs per year, all other early sign-outs will be considered truancies.


Attendance and Activities

Students may not attend a school activity if they have been absent on that day.


Tardies to School

Students are expected to arrive to school on time.  Students who are frequently tardy (more than four times per trimester) may receive a Pre-SARB/SARB notice. If the student arrives after school begins, the parent must sign them in at the office. A parent, student, teacher, and/or administrator conference will be scheduled if a student has excessive excused/unexcused tardies.


School Attendance Review Board Referral

If a minor is a habitual truant, or is irregular in attendance at school, the student may be referred to a School Attendance Review Board (SARB). The Supervisor of Attendance or a designee shall notify the minor and parent or guardian of the referral.  All parties will be required to attend a mandatory meeting at the Upland Police Department, in which fines and the removal of minor children from the home may occur. 


Closed Campus Policy

Upland Elementary is a closed campus.  At 7:50, all gates and doors are locked.  Any non-employee must check in through the front office in order to access the campus.  A visitor’s pass will be issued and must be worn during your entire visit on campus.  Visitor restrooms are located in the front office.  Visitors ARE NOT to enter student restrooms at any time.


Arrivals and Dismissals

In order to ensure the safety of students, access to the Fifth Avenue parking lot will be restricted for drop-off and pick-up only.  For further safety, all students MUST use both the street and parking lot crosswalks.  For everyone’s safety, please adhere to our parking lot policy.


Dismissal Policy

At the end of the school day, all students who ARE NOT with a teacher must be picked up or off campus within 10 minutes of the dismissal bell. Students who have not been picked up will be taken to the front office, where parents will be required to sign them out.


Student Dress Code

To maintain an environment that is focused on learning, students are expected to follow the guidelines below.

  • All clothing should be size appropriate. This applies to loose fitting and overly tight and revealing garments.
  • Students are to dress for school. No pajamas, house slippers, or clothing with holes that show skin.
  • No shorts, skirts or dresses shorter than the tips of the student's fingers when arms are held at the student's side.  Shorts must be worn under skirts and dresses.
  • All shirts, tops, overalls, and dresses must have sleeves, and also must completely cover the upper body, shoulders, and back.
  • No low necklines.  Undergarments are not allowed to show.
  • Shoes that are flat and closed-toe must be worn to allow students to participate in sports activities.  Tennis shoes are highly recommended.  No flip-flops.
  • Pants that stay on the waist, even without a belt and cover undergarments.
  • Clean faces, free of make-up.
  • Fingernails that are clean and trimmed so as not to pose a safety hazard.
  • For safety reasons, earrings are not to be over 1.5" in diameter, and spike style ear stretchers must be flexible. (Lip, nose, eyebrows or other body piercings are prohibited)
  • Clothing must have appropriate messages and graphics for school
  • No hats, scarves, hoodies, or bandanas worn on heads, except during extreme weather.
  • Natural hair coloring only.

Students who fail to follow the dress code will be required to have clothing brought from home or supplied by the school to finish the day.  

Administration has the discretionary right to deem appearance as a distraction to the learning environment.


School-Wide Behavior Expectations

Upland Elementary School is a workplace for students and staff.  All of us like our workplace to be a pleasant and supportive environment.  Our goal at Upland Elementary School is to establish a behavioral model that promotes a climate of respect, self-esteem, and responsibility while allowing students to reach their full potential.


As a PBIS school, Upland Elementary focuses on positive behavior and rewards those students with  “Bear UP” tickets.  Every student who demonstrates one of our behavior expectations has opportunities to receive Bear Up slips, which are then entered into a weekly raffle.


Lunch Procedures

Students TK- 3rd sit with their class during their mealtime.

Once a  student is done with meal, they raise their hand and wait for a noon-aide to dismiss them. Students are expected to clean their lunch area and wait quietly before being dismissed to the playground. Students 4th-6th grade can sit in any of the designated lunch benches to enjoy their meal and are expected to follow the same procedure to be dismissed to the playground.


Recess Times

We have sufficient playground equipment available for all students. Therefore, we ask that toys, balls and other items from home are not brought to school. Our main priority is to provide a safe environment, where there are clear expectations and consistent consequences. For safety reasons, we do not allow football, soccer or any type of tag game.


In-House Suspension

An in-house suspension is a serious consequence for misbehavior.  A student assigned to in-house suspension spends the entire school day in one classroom staffed with a teacher and is given independent work to complete.  The student is not permitted to go out at lunchtime to be with friends.



A suspension means that students are removed from the school for a specific period of time.  Students may not attend any school functions during the time of the suspension, and may not be on the campus during regular school hours. A re-admit conference between the parent, student, and administrator must be held before the student returns to school. A suspension will be imposed only when other means of correction fail to bring about proper conduct. The law provides for the suspension of pupils upon a first offense, only in cases where the pupil’s continued presence is a danger to persons or property, or threatens to disrupt the instructional process.


Suspension from school is removal from ongoing instruction to the supervision of parents. Prior to the suspension, the student will be told why he/she is being suspended and given an opportunity to tell his/her version of the incident. Before the pupil leaves the grounds, the parent will be notified of the suspension, the reason and the rules involved and offered an opportunity to give a response.  If a parent cannot be reached, the suspended student will remain in the office until the end of the school day.


By law, a suspension requires a parent conference. The parent must attend a conference with an administrator before the pupil returns to school.

Suspension from class:  The state law and Upland policy also provides for suspension from class by a teacher. In such cases, the teacher will send the student with a referral notice to the office and telephone or conference with the parent within 24 hours, regarding the violation.

No student will be suspended or expelled for any of the acts named below unless the act is related to a school activity or school attendance.  A student may be suspended or expelled for acts which are listed in this section and related to school activity or attendance which occur anytime, including, but not limited to, any of the following:

1. While on school grounds

2. While going to or coming from school

3. During the lunch period, whether on or off campus

4. During, or while going or coming from, a school-sponsored activity


The Education Code of California details special offenses, which warrant a suspension, expulsion, and involuntary transfer.  These include incidents when a student has:

  • Caused, or attempted, or threatened to cause physical injury to another person.
  • Possessed, sold, or otherwise furnished any firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous objects.
  • Unlawfully possessed, used, sold, or otherwise furnished, or been under the influence of, any controlled substance, an alcoholic beverage, or an intoxicant of any kind.
  • Unlawfully offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell any controlled substance an alcoholic beverage, or an intoxicant of any kind, and then either sold, delivered, or otherwise furnished to any person another liquid, substance, or material and represented the liquid, substance, or material as a controlled substance, alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant.
  • Committed or attempted to commit robbery or extortion.
  • Caused or attempted to cause damage to school property or private property.
  • Stolen or attempted to steal school property or private property.
  • Possessed or used tobacco, or any products containing tobacco or nicotine products, including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, miniature cigars, clove cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chew packets, and betel.
  • Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.
  • Had unlawful possession of, or unlawfully offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell any drug paraphernalia.
  • Disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, school officials, or other school personnel engaged in the performance of their duties.
  • Knowingly received stolen school property or private property.
  • Possessed an imitation firearm.  As used in this section “imitation firearm” means a replica of a firearm that is so substantially similar in physical properties to an existing firearm as to lead a reasonable person to conclude that the replica is a firearm.
  • Committed sexual harassment.  (This section does not apply to kindergarten or grades 1-3, inclusive)
  •  Caused, attempted to cause threatened to cause, or participated in an act of hate violence.  (This section does not apply to kindergarten or grades 1-3, inclusive)
  • Intentionally engaged in harassment, threats, or intimidation, directed against a student or group of students, that is sufficiently severe or pervasive to have the actual and reasonably expected effect of materially disrupting classwork, creating substantial disorder, and invading the rights of that student or group of students by creating an intimidating or hostile educational environment.


Suspension and a recommendation for expulsion are mandatory for violation of the following California Education Code:

  • Causing serious physical injury to another person, except in self-defense.
  • Possessing, selling, or otherwise furnishing a firearm.
  • Unlawful sale of any controlled substance, except for the first offense for the sale of not more than one avoirdupois ounce of marijuana, other than concentrated cannabis.
  • Brandishing a knife at another person.
  • Committing or attempting to commit a sexual assault, or committing a sexual battery.



When a battery is committed against a school employee engaged in the performance of his or her duties, or in retaliation for an act performed in the course of his or her duties, whether on or off campus, during the school day or at any other time, and the person committing the offense knows or reasonably should know the victim is a school employee, the assault is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars ($2,000), or both the fine and imprisonment.  P.C. 241.6



Any parent, guardian, or other person whose conduct in a place where a school employee is required to be in the course of his or her duties, materially disrupts classwork or extracurricular activities or involves substantial disorder, is guilty of a misdemeanor which is punishable by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100), or by imprisonment in the county jail for a period of not more than 10 days, or both.  E.C. 44811






Alcohol violation

5 day suspension



Counsel/parent phone call


Cell phones/electronics

Returned at end of the day

Return to parent/suspension


Zero grade/parent phone call


Damaging school property



Dangerous objects




Teacher counsel


Disruptive classroom behavior

Teacher counsel


Disrupting detention

Double consequences


Dress code violation

Warning/parent phone call

Suspension/20 day check

Drug paraphernalia

5 day suspension


Fighting (mutual assault/battery)



Fighting (assault/battery)



Firecrackers/fire setting



Food fight

Cafeteria clean up



Parent phone call



Teacher counsel/parent called



School clean up/restitution



Teacher counsel

School clean up


Confiscation/parent pick up





Internet access violation

Access monitored



Counsel/confiscation/parent phone call


Nuisance items (toys)

Confiscation/parent pick up


Physical/verbal abuse of staff



Play fighting

Detention/parent phone call


Poppers, matches, lighters



Possession/under the influence of drugs/sales

5 day suspension


Profanity/inappropriate language

Counsel/parent phone call


Public displays of affection

Detention/parent phone call


Sexual harassment



Tardy to school



Theft/possession of stolen property



Tobacco use, sales, or possession



Truancy/leaving campus

After school clean up

In-house suspension

Unauthorized sales on campus (candy, food, baseball cards, etc.)



Uncooperative to substitute



Verbal threat to/harassing another student





Expulsion means students are removed from Upland Elementary and will be placed at another school site.  The District will provide parents and students with copies of their rights and provide due process prior to expulsion.



The Board of Education may order a pupil expelled from Upland Elementary for continued violation of the offenses listed when other means of correction have repeatedly failed to bring about proper conduct. Also, a pupil may be expelled when, due to the nature of the violation, his/her presence causes a continuing danger to the physical safety of the pupil or others, and that means of correction is not feasible.  The principal recommends expulsion in the above-required cases and other discretionary cases in accordance with the following process:


1. A school-level meeting with the administrator, Director of Child Welfare and Attendance, the student, and the student’s parent or guardian. If at this meeting it is decided to recommend to the district that the student should be expelled, a district administrative panel meeting will be scheduled.


2. The administrative panel consists of three administrators, the Director of Child Welfare and Attendance, the school-level administrator from the school the student attends, the student, and the student’s parent or guardian. If at this meeting it is decided against the student, the panel will recommend to the School Board that the student be expelled.  Both expulsion and suspension are serious matters.  Rights of students are protected throughout the process.


Eligibility for School Activities

All students are eligible to participate in school activities if they maintain a 2.0-grade point average, exhibit good citizenship on campus, and follow all school policies.  Students forfeit eligibility for all nonacademic school activities when the above criteria are not met.


Cell Phones

Upland Elementary School does not encourage student possession of cell phones on campus, nor does it assume liability if such devices are damaged, lost, or stolen.

Cell phones are not to be used during the school day (7:30 A.M. - 2:05 P.M.)


Cell phones should be turned off and stored in the student’s backpack or turned into the teacher. Cell phones seen out during the school day will be confiscated. If the privilege of using these devices violates this policy, the school has the right to revoke the privilege and prohibit a student from possessing or using such a device.


Consequences for violation of this policy are:

1st offense - Confiscate/Return to the student at the end of the day

2nd offense - Confiscate/Consequences/Return it to the parent ONLY

3rd offense - Referral to Principal for further action



Homework is designed to reinforce skills taught in class during the day, to practice skills already acquired, or to prepare for new topics as they are introduced.  Therefore, teachers assign homework and expect it to be completed with the following guidelines in mind:



  • To aid in the development of responsibility, time management, work habits, independence, and accountability
  • To provide practice and reinforcement of classroom learning
  • To enhance home-school communication


Time Guidelines:

  • 30 minutes for K-3rd, Monday through Thursday
  • 45-60 minutes for 4th – 6th, Monday through Thursday
  • Long-term assignments or projects may require some weekend work.

Other Rules and Regulations


Students are permitted to ride bicycles to school but must have a signed permission slip on file in the office.  All students riding bicycles are required to wear a bicycle helmet. Bicycles must be parked and locked in the bike rack as soon as the student arrives on campus. The school is not responsible for the theft of parts or damage to bicycles while parked in the bike rack.  Bicycles must be "walked" on and off campus through the gate on 5th Avenue.  Failure to follow the bicycle safety rules may result in the loss of bicycle riding privileges.



Balloons, flowers, cupcakes, treat bags, or other party items are prohibited at Upland Elementary, with the exception of school-sponsored events. 

Birthday celebrations are not permitted in grades K-6.



Upland Elementary students are issued textbooks for their use during the school year.  Students are also given the privilege to check out books on loan from our school library.  Parents are responsible for reimbursing Upland Unified School District for lost or damaged textbooks and library books.  Third-trimester report cards will not be issued to families who fail to pay for lost or damaged books.  All library privileges will cease until payment is received.



Upland Elementary provides adult supervision from 7:30 A.M. to 2:15 P.M.  All adult employees (Proctors, Custodians, Instructional Aides, Secretaries, Teachers, and Administrator) of our school have the authority to discipline students for inappropriate behavior.



In order to protect instructional time, please be sure students arrive at school with all necessary items.  In the event a student forgets something at home such as lunch money, homework, P.E. shoes, etc., parents may leave the item in the front office.  Students will be contacted at an appropriate time to retrieve the item.



Skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters may not be used either to or from school and are not permitted on the campus for safety/security reasons.  Skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters will be taken away from the student, and a parent will be required to pick them up.



Yearbooks are sold during the school year.  Students who purchase a yearbook will be issued a receipt, which should be retained for yearbook pick-up in June.  Students are responsible for their yearbooks and should supervise them at all times.